I'm always having to run the graphics [like this for Cinema] through Photoshop and revise the colours for process work and it always looks different to the render.
The CMYK shader keeps the colours much closer to the final output while still in the RGB space.
For a graphic designer using Cinema to produce content for print - your shader is a VERY handy tool

Paul Taylor

All 3D applications render in RGB color space and Cinema4D is no exception. That is fine for video or web application but its a big no-no for printing as all print work (professional or non-professional) is done using CMYK.
But have you ever tried taking an RGB render to Photoshop and converting it to CMYK? All your colors get changed, right? And have you ever sent a render to a client that aproved the image and then, after seeing it printed, tells you that it is nothing like what he approved?

My CMYK shader allows colors to be defined in CMYK color space. Of course the final render will come out in RGB but the colors will already be (more or less), legaly, inside the CMYK gamut.

Check out these samples:

The CMYK color space that the shader emulates is a very generic one. There are many, many possible CMYK profiles but, since most are comercial, I decided to emulate a generic one. The shader requires no manual. Simply add it to any channel, choose edit and drag the sliders or enter percentage values in the input fields.
An RGB representation of the equivalent CMYK color will be presented at the bottom.