Set the Selection Filter options without going to the Select Menu.

When you are creating a huge scene or even when you are animating, selecting something in the Editor view can become frustrating because some objects get in the way or something that you want to select is nested inside or is behind something else.

One way to make the selection task easier is to use selection filters to prevent the selection of certain types of objects. This way, only the relevant objects that you want and needwill be able to be selected and all others will simply be ignored.

The problem with this is that the Selection Filter options are inside the Select menu and the Selection Filter submenu is not capable of being disconnected and changed into a floating panel. So, you would need to disconnect the whole Select menu (and this menu is quite large).

That is why I created the Selection Filter ON/OFF plugin.

It displays a panel with all the options of the internal Selection Filter and you can dock this panel in your layout for easy access.

Turning on and off the options in the Selection Filter ON/OFF panel, will turn on and off the corresponding options in the Selection Filter submenu.

If you realize that you recurrently use a specific set of options, you can save that set for later and easier retrieval. To save the set, press the Save Set button, type a descriptive name and click on Ok (pressing Enter or Return will NOT save the set).
The sets are saved in a Sets folder, inside the Selection Filter ON/OFF plugin folder.
To delete any set that you don't need any more, simply delete the corresponding file from that folder. The files have the name that you set with "_set" added at the end.