Forkroot version story

September, 19, 2012

Version 1.0

A very quiet release is made. It was not announced because I was still cleaning out some minor issues and I was very, very busy with other projects.

September, 20, 2012

Version 1.01

Some issues were resolved.
The way that the adjustment splines work was re-worked out.

  1. Changing the number of branches no longer resets the adjustment splines and it tries to keep the shape of the curve as close as possible.
  2. Forkroot now tries to prevent the user from deleting or adding knots
  3. In case of knot deletion/addition, Reset buttons allow the reseting of each individual adjustment spline to its default state.

September, 23, 2012

Version 1.02

Speed increase in the editor.
New Forkroot Quad Mesh algorithm making the branches connections smoother and more stable.
Addition of a new Joint Smoothing parameter.

October, 5, 2012

Version 1.03

Meshed Forkroots with automatic animation were not being animated when rendered - FIXED.
New parameter in Forkroot Quad Mesh to control the length of sections independently from the section size.